About Us

Mind Goat Inc. a mental health digital media platform.

Our mission is to augment the mental health of people with active and competitive lifestyles.

Mental health was once reserved for a clinical population (i.e., mental illness) and it is currently entering the mainstream narrative at the sub-clinical level through multiple stakeholders with non-profit organisations and government services leading the charge.

As a result, we must all content with stigmatization.

At Mind Goat Inc., we hope to move beyond awareness and reach the idea that mental health can be a strength. We hope to facilitate the acquisition of mental health knowledge and the development of relevant skill sets through three channels:

  • Newsfeed that features mental health in the mainstream media.
  • Recordings about general mental heath challenges.
  • Access to a network of mental health influencers.

Our Mental Health Influencers are:

  • Members of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master’s Graduates
  • Researchers of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Computer and Software Engineers